Wardrobe Packing List To Bring To a Model-Testing Photoshoot

The road to earning a living as a commercial/ editorial model
can be a demanding yet rewarding career. The proliferation of social media has
not only relinquished power to models but it has also substantially decreased
its barriers to entry. Decades ago, the process of becoming a successful model was one that often required the talent in question to be signed by a talent
agency, to have a great portfolio, contacts, and experience gained by working with the help of photographers.

Today, the roles have changed. The rise of social media has allowed anyone interested in getting into modeling to directly
contact the photographer of their choice in order to build their portfolio. Due
to this greater sense of independence, there appears to be some lack of
information that is growing rampant in the industry.

To build a solid portfolio that will allow you to get paid
jobs, prospective models and talents are required to do models testing shoots. The
goal of these sessions is to generate a number of images that will later be introduced
to clients in need of models/ talent. This article will not go into the
specifics of this session but rather, will focus on the items each model should
have with them when going into a model testing session in order to get the most
out of it.

As a photographer one of the worst things a model can do is
to not bring with them the right, adequate wardrobe articles and accessories to
take full advantage of the photoshoot session. So without going any further,
below you will find some lists to help you prepare for your next shoot.

1.       Editorial Female Models

  • Mostly Neutral Colors
  • Simple Black or White Swimsuit
  • Everything You Own That Is Denim
  • Simple and Casual Neutral Tops (Sometimes A White
    T-Shirt Is Our Best Look!)
  • At Least 3 Pairs of Shoes (Strappy Sandals,
    Boots or Booties, Pumps)
  • Body-Conscious Clothes (Crop-Tops or Body Suits)
  • Any Items with Interesting Texture (Especially
    Neutral Colored) - Examples: Sheer Items, Leather, Sequins, Pleats
  • Unexpected Vintage Items
  • Any Favorite Clothes You Look and Feel Great In
  • Neutral Undergarments

2.       Commercial Female Models

  • Jewel-Toned and Neutral Palette Mostly (Color Is
  •  Mostly Solid Colors, Some Patterns Can Be Good
    for Layering
  • Everything You Own That Is Denim
  • At Least 3 Pairs of Shoes (Strappy Sandals,
    Boots or Booties, Casual Flats (In Good Shape)
  • Layering Pieces Like Jackets, Cardigans, Vests
    (Not Fur)
  • A Little Black Dress
  • Solid White Blouses or Sweaters
  • A Fitness Look If You’re In Good Shape (You Do
    Not Have To Be In Perfect Shape!) Solid Black or Matching Colorful Looks Work
    Great. Bring Small Fitness Accessories If You Have Them (A Yoga Mat or Small
    Weights) Don’t forget shoes!
  • A Business Look - Possibly Glasses
  • A Few Accessories That Might Complete An Outfit
    - Scarves or Jewelry
  • Any Favorite Clothes You Look and Feel Great In
  • Neutral Undergarments

I hope you found this helpful. The Male lists will be coming
in a future post. Best of luck on your next photoshoot session and may you
always stay prepared!

Lionel Noah

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