What Every Model Should have in her Portfolio

Modeling is a very competitive business, and your portfolio could make or break your career as a model. Many people think that a modeling portfolio requires dramatic, extravagant photos- but it’s quite the contrary. Clients want to see you in a clean state, so it’s best for your portfolio to reflect just that. But just because the photos should be simple, doesn’t mean they should be boring! If you take a look at the Lionel & Co. homepage, many of the photos are a great example of what should be in a portfolio. Simple, yet flattering clothing such as blue jeans and a white T-shirt can do the job. Keep the makeup simple as well, but it wouldn’t hurt to add heavier eye makeup or lipstick into the mix for a couple of photos.

The ideal number of photos in your portfolio should be between 10-15 photos with a mix of full body shots as well as headshots. A headshot is a photo taken from the shoulders up, showing just your beautiful face! Don’t be afraid to show your personality and let your inner beauty shine through. Feel free to reach out on Instagram at @lionelco.media for more questions.

Written by Sophia Francescini

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